“Adorn” /əˈdôrn/verb, to make more beautiful or attractive”.

Adorn Me Africa is a subscription box service, purposed with delivering contemporary fashion from Africa. With the diversity of designers, style options, and unique accessories featured in our expertly curated boxes, you have the exclusive opportunity to experience what fashion from Africa has to offer.



AMA was inspired by my love for my country and passion for social justice. Growing up my parents taught me pride of culture and a love for giving back, by example. Both of those major influences are a huge part of how AMA came to be.


AMA is, in essence, an extension of my culture and how I see Africa; and how I’ve experienced Africa. Contemporary,

ever-evolving and vibrant; fashion to me is an outward expression of personality and a visual representation of a persons mood, creativity, and essence. Experiencing the pieces that arrive in our professionally styled AMA box should do just that; show an outwardly expression of your style and personality that you can add to your everyday wardrobe.


My personal style is so diverse and so much influenced by my personal creativity. It was truly the first way I was able to express myself creatively. Trying out bold colors, or statement piece accessories, mixing patterns and everything in between. I use fashion as an outlet and it allowed me an opportunity to express my style story without speaking.


Style is a subjective form of expression, a person’s individual style can be inspired by their worldview, surroundings, and interests. We want to give our clients new brands to fall in love with, new options to choose from and new apparel to expand their style with.



My connection with AMA isn’t necessarily driven by my Nigerian roots, although it’s proven to be a huge benefit. What inspires me is my overall love for fashion which to me is a universal art. With that being said it’s safe to say that it’s time that Africa was noticed internationally for their unique creativity and ability to create. Africans aren’t recognized enough for their artisanal skill and creativity and I don’t feel as though there is still any reason why fashion from Africa hasn’t yet made a real impact in the luxury fashion industry. Within Africa the talent is immeasurable and the designs inspired by life and experiences need to be seen. It’s so imperative and simply put; designers and styles from Africa are an integral part of a blooming industry.


I consider myself more of a neutral person when it comes to style and won’t necessarily take too much risk with my wardrobe. I like everything to coordinate color wise and pattern wise. Unique prints and pastel colors are my favorite. Usually, I’ll wear one color head to toe and add a statement piece. Like a blazer or purse from a high-end designer brand, but colors and hardware aren’t my thing. I don’t prefer busy fashion pieces personally.


I guess you can say I appreciate a look that is put together but feminine and makes a powerful statement. That’s my vision of AMA; having an outfit that’s ready for you and lets you feel emboldened and ready to own the day. The best part of our journey is you have two women with entirely different taste and views on fashion so together we can bring a variety of concepts to the curated packages together with our in-house stylist.


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