Adorn yourself ever-so-effortlessly with the AMA GRACE box 

To grace a place is to bless that place with your presence. YOU are the star, effortless fashion is the key, grab it and go! 

After completing your style profile you will begin your curated experience! 

Africa is rich. Fullstop. Bask in that. 



1 Accessory + 2 Apparel Items


Combination will vary

with each box:

1 necklace + 1 top + 1 skirt

1 bag + top + pant

1 shoe + 2 tops

1 necklace + dress + top

1 bag + 2 dresses

1 earrings w/ jacket and top

1 scarf w/ sweater and top

We can’t wait to get your order to you! Please note that order processing can take some time due to the customization of each individual order, we ask that you be patient with us and contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your order.  Please look out for an email confirming your order and shipment details. 

Please note that orders placed after December10th cannot be guaranteed by Christmas Day. Please email us at hello@adornmeafrica.com if you have any questions.