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Updated: Feb 19, 2021



Yes! You read that right $25k! American Express teamed up with iFundWomen; the women powered crowdfunding platform, to award 100 black women entrepreneurs with funding for our businesses! And if this wasn't enough they are also providing mentorship, coaching and PR opportunities! GAME CHANGER!

I was actually notified a little bit earlier that the media launch, in preparation for the official launch but was sworn to secrecy until the big day on November 20th! This is all still so surreal to me!

This news came at a really critical time for Adorn Me Africa and funding was at the forefront of my mind. No lie, I was applying for a business loan the day before I received the news! If you know anything about being an entrepreneur, you know that it's a true labor of love and takes a lot of sacrifice, time, tears and resources.

When I first started Adorn Me Africa, we decided to choose a crowdfunding platform that valued the company and mission in a unique way and iFundwomen proved to be the perfect fit for us! They were still in beta stage if I'm not mistaken but the platform was well thought out and just worked for our goals and aligned with our values. They also help back and help get funding for businesses on their platform so it was a no-brainer to use iFundwomen here is a link to our campaign page here.

The goal was $15k but we were only able to raise about 4k. We didn't take this is a loss at all we took what we raised and put it to work on becoming operational.

2 years later I get the biggest surprise ever when iFundwomen request a Zoom call, out of seemingly nowhere. So here it is, you heard it here first; the story that launched an empire! I'm so grateful to God for hearing my very honest and vulnerable prayer the night before all this happened!

I can't thank iFundwomen enough for seeing potential in my dream and trusting me with this opportunity! I so grateful to American Express for believing that black women are a necessary part of the entrepreneurial space, and for creating a space for us to tell our stories and for putting their money where their values lie. I am also immeasurably grateful to every single person who contributed to our campaign back in 2017 and believed in us! I'm bursting with gratitude honestly! I will be sure to keep you guys updated on as this unfolds and the non-monetary portion of this opportunity begins! Check out the reel below.

Here are just some of the media outlets that have featured the story!



We're ecstatic to be part of the We Are Women Owned







With all that is happening in our global community, we are hoping that the holidays bring you some joy and allow you to share some joy with others buy shopping The Marketplace!


This holiday season we have chosen to partner with some really creative and amazing brands, that you will surely fall in love with just as we have!

Our top picks this holiday season are sure to make your gift the most popular! All of our brands are based in Africa and we aim to select the best of the best just for you!

We want to take you on a journey through West Africa and Kenya with our fun pieces! You will specially package and ship for your gift to arrive to its destination on time.

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  4. Kipato jewelry pieces are just the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. We love the minimalist style and abstract shapes that they are known for! Shop here!

  5. Kaeme is just the self-care kit you need! The intoxicating fragrances that make up their collection of Liquid black soaps, Shea Souffle' and Soy candles. Our curated selection of scents in the Shea Souffle' and Black soap are named Eternal, Goldenflakes and Urbane. Their candles are just as lovely and give any room you burn them in a beautiful vibe just as the beautiful locations in Ghana that they are named after would. Shop here!

  6. You've never seen tie-dye look this good, Larry Jay's SS21 has a look of richness with the royal shades of violet throughout the collection. Shop here!

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Our subscription boxes are back like they never left! Get into it!


Our most popular subscription boxes are completely curated boxe. This meansthat we use your STYLE QUESTIONNAIRE to curate a box of goodies just for you based on your style and the things you love most about fashion. The boxes are named AMA Love which AMA Grace and AMA Luxe. We'll tell you more about those later!

Our newest box option is the "AKWAABA" which means "You are welcome" in Twi the most common dialect spoken in Ghana. "AKWAABA" is a one-time purchase box and makes an amazing gift option! If you want to gift any box option, you can email us at and we will send you gifting options to fill your box with! We also offer Gift Cards!

We will soon be offering a "Create your own box" option where you can select all the pieces you want in a box and we will package it for you and deliver it to your doorstep ❤️! More details to come! Stay tuned!

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Happy Women's History Month. And International Women's Day. Today is March 8, International Women's Day. And we are thrilled to be highlighting and sharing a little bit about some powerful, incredible history making women that have and are continuing to change the course of history in their nation in their sphere of influence and around the world.

I'm personally inspired by these women because I see how they did not allow hierarchical and traditional ways of doing things to limit their ability and desire to do create and be change for their countries.You can find a few of these powerful women in our Instagram stories throughout the month! We're highlighting Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Samia Suluhu Alhassan and Haijia Alima Mahama. If you haven't already, please add us on Instagram and sign up for alerts about and read about these amazing women as we post all month!

In this month's newsletter I want to focus on a group of women that I had the pleasure of learning about very recently as I was interviewing a designer that we partner from Togo. I started to do some of my own research of this intriguing group of women who created incredible impact in Togo. In fact, they created 40% of the countries commercial business from 1976-1984. The Nana Benz; the famous businesswoman of Togo.

"Nana Benz of Togo, made their mark internationally by trading in wax printed cloth starting in the 1930’s and 1950’s, before independence. They started from nothing to rise to be among the country’s richest. They imported the fabric from Dutch companies based in Indonesia. From there the material arrived on Togo’s shores and the women distributed it throughout West and Central Africa. They became known as Nana Benz because in the mid-50’s through 80’s they had made so much money that they were the only people who could afford Mercedes Benz cars, so much so that the government used to hire their Mercedes Benz for important guests and state functions. The phrase ‘Nana Benz’ came to symbolize the freedom, ingenuity, creativity, pride, achievement, success, and courage of these women.A woman did not become a Nana Benz through inheritance, or society’s choice, but through ingenuity, and struggle." Excerpt from "African Queens of Textiles: the Nana Benz of Togo BY DR. Y.

In learning about the Nana Benz, I was struck by the way that these women out of a gap they saw in the market which was created when when relations between the Ghanaian president, Kwame Nkrumah, and his Togolese president, Sylvanus Olympio, went sour over land and political disputes.

Nana Benz used their ingenuity and strength to create a space for themselves. In a time in my personal life when I am actively and intentionally wrestling with my struggle with social anxiety and the space that I know that I meant to occupy in this world, I find the story of the Nana Benz hugely inspiring and empowering. They didn't ask for permission, they create a pathway to freedom, generational wealth and influence and economic power for themselves and women who came behind them. With the political and economic they amassed for themselves they were even able to play a vital role in the fight for decolonization from France which took place in 1960.

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