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Hey there Lovely People! It's been a while and I have to apologize for going MIA last month. April was quite eventful. As an entrepreneur I have to acknowledge that even though Adorn Me Africa is no longer a one-woman-show we still have some ways to go in building the team that will allow me to be able to have more help in areas like this. We do however have 2 amazing team members that help out at our shop and an amazing content creator that is a genius with our social media feed.
With all that said if I am out of commission for any reason I don't yet have the bandwidth to pass this off to anyone else. The first 2 weeks in April I was home doing my first stint with Covid; which was quite the experience and then I was away for 3 weeks for travel to Ghana because my dear grandmother passed away. She was 89 and sharp as a tack and she lived in Ghana and was kept plenty busy by her 14 of 20 grandchildren who reside in Ghana. The last time I saw her lovely face was during my last trip in November and while I was there she did her usual, guilt trip about me intentionally do everything in my power to deprive her of great grandchildren (typical African grandmother stuff) but also giving her words of wisdom about not working too much and being there for family. I know that she lived a full life and shared in so many experiences that I'll never know about but I do know that she was happy and proud of her family. Whenever I think about her I see her smile and and laugh at my plans to pack her in my suitcase and take her with me.
All in all I feel like I am starting to get the hang of this newsletter thing. I really want it to stay authentic and not just a thrown together thing that we do to check a box. My hope is that I am sharing a little bit about myself and my journey as an entrepreneur and some of the fun and not so fun stuff that comes along with that.
So if I can't be authentic and I have to take a little pause and reset not to worry, I will eventually come back and tell you a little bit about it : )

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