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This was quite the surprise! So, I've been in Ghana for the last week and a half for a quick business trip. Being in Ghana for any length of time less than a month is a major feat for a few reasons...
  • Family can be demanding
  • It's a long way to travel for a short visit
  • Traffic can often delay plans on a daily basis, limiting how much you are able to complete.
Despite these realities I was able to arrive and not only knock out 95% of my list but I was able to make some great connections, reconnect with some friends and even sign on a few new brands as well. I was able to love on my 88 year old grandmother and see a few cousins while staying on task. The whole thing was a complete miracle!
I couldn't have planned a better trip if I tried! After it was all said and done I managed to finish family business, Adorn Me Africa business and not go crazy or not be completely exhausted. VICTORY!
Finally on my last day in Ghana, while doing my usual last day tradition i.e. shopping spree; I stopped by a friends restaurant to say a quick goodbye. While there I got a text from my friend Larry (Designer, Larry Jay) with the title "Did you see this?!". I was completely shocked! I think I squealed lol . This is our first real article and press so I'm going to take the time to celebrate each and every win!
The reality is that Adorn Me Africa is all about the brands that we represent and promote. When we win they are the reason, and every win for us is a win for them too. Because of the beautiful collections and creations that they produce our job is made more simple and we can share that beauty with the world!
I'm getting better at being present and savoring Adorn Me Africa's growth and successes, so i'll be dancing in my living room till further notice.
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