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Duruyeh Adornment

The Market Hat by Duruyeh Adornment

The Market Hat by Duruyeh Adornment

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The Market Hat: An ode to endeavouring, nourishment and enterprise.

The Adorned collection honors the everyday things and elements that bring us joy, help us along the journey and remind us of our value.

Duruyeh is a jewelry brand born in Africa. Our ethos is to elevate that which women on the continent have carried for centuries: Power, Grace and True Beauty.​

All components of The Adorned Collection are made on the continent; from design to production. We predominantly use brass and cow bone with a 18K Gold plated finish.

Made with sterling silver and an 18k gold plated finish. 

Use a damp cotton ball or a microfiber cloth to remove any smudges or debris from your piece and maintain its luster. 

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