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Adorn Me Africa Brings Contemporary African Fashion to American Consumers with New Boutique in Somerville, Mass.


Store grand opening on July 16th at Bow Market


BOSTON – July 12, 2021 -- Adorn Me Africa is gearing up to bring contemporary ready-to-wear apparel from established contemporary African fashion brands to a brick and mortar location at Bow Market in Somerville.


Adorn Me Africa has been in operation for the last 3 years as an ecommerce shop with a modern take on the marketplaces that can be found throughout Africa, including clothing, accessories, skin care products, food items and many other items produced in Africa. Adorn Me Africa provides emerging and established fashion designers with a chance to have more reach by connecting to larger markets. 


The retailer started out as solely a subscription box, and then grew into an online market to continue to share contemporary African fashion with the US market. Adorn Me Africa aims to build personal, respectful, and body conscious relationships with its members. Its subscription service engages its members by learning the tones, prints, styles, and types of fabrics they desire and curating thoughtful packages that compliments their personal style. 


Adorn Me Africa was inspired by founder and CEO, Elorm Dela-Seshie’s travels to Ghana. While Dela-Seshie grew up in the US, as a first generation American she had a natural affinity for exploring the nuances of African design, culture and fashion. She also had a deep desire to see economic growth and creatives thrive. 


Dela-Seshie’s passion for entrepreneurship and previous experiences with start-ups fueled her driving and provided inspiration. “I’ve observed the influence that African culture had in global design and became very aware of the lack of visibility and accessibility to the designs and designers that created some of these influential trends,” said Dela-Seshie. 


She always dreamt of the day where more people would know and understand that the textiles and patterned materials popularized in Africa are just a small part of a larger fashion and culture story. Africa is home to well established and skilled designers that are operating successful fashion brands. 


“This business is an effort to fill a void and give contemporary African designers of apparel and accessories another avenue to reach fashion lovers in the US market,” Dela-Seshie continued.


Adorn Me Africa bridges the gap and shows the world that fashion from Africa is more than just a trend, it is everyday fashion. 


About Adorn Me Africa

Adorn Me Africa is a multi-brand fashion marketplace and subscription experience sourcing exclusively from emerging African fashion brands, designers, and makers. We aim to highlight contemporary fashion brands and the designers behind them, sharing their stories, perspectives and design inspiration through their wearable art. Founder and CEO Elorm Dela-Seshie was recently selected by American Express as one of 100 Black women entrepreneurs for its “100 for 100” program. Learn more and shop ready-to-wear apparel and accessories at or in-store at the boutique at Bow Market in Somerville, Mass.


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