"SunDay" Mudcloth Cloak

"SunDay" Mudcloth Cloak


Material:Mudcloth cloak

Color: White/Yellow

Mudcloth made in Mali, Cloak crafted in Ghana.

Brand: Threaded Tribe

Unisex cloak

One size fits most. 


This cloak was made with mudcloth from Mali and is part of a sustainably sourced & produced collection of progressive pieces by Threaded Tribe. Handmade in Accra by Ghanaian artisans, specifically for you. 


Mudcloth also known as Bògòlanfini is made of pure, organic Malian cotton and natural dyes left to ferment for months. 


Employing environmentally friendly materials and pursuing new standars in craftsmanship, Threaded Tribes is committed to providing the highest quality, uniquely ethical essentials for your closet. Due to the nature of the fabric, tiny space within the seams, an organic smell or a slight variation in pattern may naturally occur. 


This relatively lightweight piece is unisex  & one size. 

Care: Dry Clean/Air Dry