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Candles by Kaeme

Candles by Kaeme

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Sunset in Elmina

Fruity, sweet, exhilarating.

As awe-inspiring as nightfall in the town of Elmina along Ghana’s central coastline, this rich fusion of peach and grapefruit will make a lasting impression on you.

Burn time is approximately 40 hours.

Aburi Subrise

Fruity, sweet, calming.

Citrus and vanilla notes create a warm atmosphere that is reminiscent of the stunning sunrises viewed atop Ghana’s Aburi Mountains.

Burn time is approximately 40 hours.


Salaga Dusk (sold out)

Floral, tropical, energetic.

An exotic blend of floral notes and coconut create an experience as enchanting as twilight in Salaga, a famous town in northern Ghana.

Burn time is approximately 40 hours.


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