Ethical fashion – Is the way clothing is produced. The factories, employee treatment, employee pay and all around the environment in which your clothes are produced. 

Adorn Me Africa is more than just another multi-brand aggregate, we care about the impact on the creative economy, the impact to the communities of the brands that we work with. It isn't just about beautiful garments.


The hands that craft your clothing matter, how they are treated matter, how much they are paid matter and the conditions in which they work matter. We care about all aspects of the process. That is why we aim to work with brands that care and have these values as well. 


Sustainable fashion - How the making of your clothing impacts the environment.


Supporting "slow fashion" and not just buying but investing in high quality pieces that are made intentionally to last for years, rather than pieces that are made for a few wears. Buying directly from brands that are mindfully creating in limited quantities is a very important part of why we partner with independent brands and makers rather than foreign clothing manufacturing operations.

We don't buy based on changing fashion trends instead we look for pieces that can serve as timeless staple pieces that can remain in your wardrobe for years to come. 



We aim for our social impact to be direct, with immediate impact 

  • Aligning with brands that have a social impact  

  • Supporting the creation of job opportunities that our brand partnerships create 

  • Aligning with and supporting the causes that the brands support through our wholesale partnerships. 

  • Paying fair market cost for every single item and brand that we source from.  

  • Placing fair skill and value based compensation practices before profits when hiring creatives. 

  • Creating profit share opportunities for brands that we stock form 

  • Actively seeking out opportunities for our partner brands to expand their reach even beyond Adorn Me Africa. 

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