Ghana Experiences : Travel & Culture

Ghana Experiences : Travel & Culture

"Discovering the Flavors of Ghana: A Food Safari Adventure"


Ghana is a country rich in culture, history, and cuisine. From street food to upscale restaurants, the country offers a diverse range of flavours to tantalise your taste buds. If you're looking for a culinary adventure, a food safari in Ghana is a must.

A food safari in Accra takes you on a full day’s tour to explore local foods, drinks and spices. These have rich cultural significance and are tied to the history of the various ethnic groups in Ghana.

The safari starts from Nima Market, Accra’s largest spice market, with Ghana’s highest Muslim settlement. Over here, you’re taken through familiar and exotic spices and what they can be used for. Most of these spices are used in preparing delicious and spicy Ghanaian meals and local medicines.

After the spice market tour, you’re taken to Hot Coffee, a place not far from the Nima Market. At Hot Coffee, a local beverage maker takes you through the process of making some popular and rarely known local beverages. These drinks include Sobolo (Hibiscus Drink), Zoumkom, Lamougin and Fula. The spices you bought from the market are predominantly used with millet to prepare these beverages. After learning about their preparation, Hajia serves you cold and refreshing drinks in a calabash.

At a local bar with a village setting situated in the heart of Accra is a Pito brewing bar. Pito is a local beverage made from sorghum. Pito is identical to Northern Ghana as the North grows all the sorghum in Ghana. The woman(and her children) behind this Pito bar have been brewing this for years. “People from all over Ghana come here to make merry and connect with their friends, family and tribesmen,” says the master brewer.

The last part of the safari takes you to One Corner Gardens, a green, farm-to-table guest house in the heart of Accra. One Corner grows the majority of what they eat, and they produce Akpeteshie, a local alcoholic beverage with a rich history. You’ll have a healthy, rich fonio grain meal for lunch, after which you can prepare your akpeteshie gin.

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