Meet the Founder

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Adorn Me Africa

"Adorn Me Africa was inspired by my love for my Ghanaian heritage and culture." 

Fashion for me is an outward expression and a visual representation of my mood, creativity and voice. My personal desire to figure out how I uniquely express myself and who I am creatively, lead me to my love for fashion. In my journey I've learned that I loved exploring colors, statement making pieces and mixing styles. I use fashion to convey my style story in a way that allows me to show up as my full self inside and out. 

 We want to give our clients new brands to fall in love with and new apparel to express their style with. We hope that by receiving your Adorn Me Africa pieces you are able to adorn yourself in a piece that allows

YOU to express YOUR voice and YOUR style. 

Africa has an evolving and vibrant eco-system and is the culture hub  of the world with such rich history and tradition. Fashion is just a piece of that cultural experience and we want to bring light to that experience and the brands, makers and creatives that make up the contemporary fashion world in Africa.

The amazing designers and makers that we partner with span the continent; hailing from Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Kenya, Gambia, South Africa, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, and Tanzania, Zambia and Togo, Zimbabwe, Mali, Benin with many more to come.  These creatives pull from their cultures, lives, experiences and channel that inspiration and point-of-view into their brands; creating amazing and unique collections that bring you into the beauty of their worlds.