A brief re-introduction story...

A brief re-introduction story...

For those of you who have been here a while Hello again 👋🏾, its been a while friend! For those who have recently joined the tribe, i'm so glad your're here! We have so much to catch up on! 

I've missed connecting with you all the last few months! Yes, its been months 🥲! So much has happened since 2024 started! 

First things first! If you missed the memo, the Adorn Me Africa store front closed back in December 🥲. While it was a very bittersweet decision It was a necessary one and was made after much prayer, thoughtfulness and strategic thinking. Honestly, I made this hard decision because the numbers just weren't numbering anymore and a wise person once said "fail fast" ; as in... if something is no longer working in your business it's time to regroup and reassess and if need be be ok with moving on. 

A little more background.... before I made the decision to close the shop I was able to participate in the incredibly impactful, life changing business accelerator the Goldman Sachs: One Million Black Women. During the course of the 12 week program I was able to strategically consider the areas that my business needed improvement and this was one of the deciding factors that aided me in my decision to pivot Adorn Me Africa. I am very excited to share our new mission statement in our next newsletter and how Adorn Me African is continuing our goal to be a culture hub with the mission to celebrate and elevate Africa through fashion, art and unique curated spaces, experiences and travel. 


I am also very excited to be announcing very soon our next AfroVybe Travel Tribe trips for 2024/25! 


Exciting news to note! 


~ Our Newsletter going forward will be bimonthly! 


Stay tuned for all the new changes taking place with Adorn Me Africa!

A quick clip of my final day at Bow Market. Onward and upward! 


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